GeodeLights are elegant works of art derived from nature.  As with man-made works of art, each GeodeLight is unique and numbered as a collector’s item.  Each GeodeLight is unique and numbered as a collector’s item, the same as man-made works of art.  The GeodeLight is carefully cut according to its shape, allowing it to cast its light on surfaces in fascinating, variegated patterns.


GeodeLights are lit internally by 3 to 6 watt LED bulb to perfectly display the magnificent colors of the crystals within, and  cast its light in fascinating, variegated patterns.   GeodeLights allow the remarkable natural beauty of these crystal formations to more fully be seen and appreciated.

The crystals in GeodeLights  are either amethyst, quartz or calcite crystals, ranging in size from about 1/16″ to about 1″. Each type of crystal has its own shape, color and properties.