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How Geode Lights Are Made

Fashioning a GeodeLight is both an art and a craft.

First, we purchase only those geodes we deem suitable for possible GeodeLights due to their shape, size and type.  The exterior shell must be thin enough to allow light to penetrate from within.  Those that are bell shaped or very round are the best.

Next, we scale the rocks at our facility in San Diego. That is, we remove any outer coating of mud or clay. Then, using a 4,200 lumens light (wa-a-ay bright!), we carefully examine the rock for any cracks. If we find any, we use a special gluing  process to seal them. In addition, the light helps us determine where the heaviest and thinnest parts of the rock are, and where within the rock the heaviest load of crystals lies. This shows us where to cut the hole and insert the light, and which geodes have the most beautiful external features. Using our imagination we may see a face, a buffalo, a bear, or other such shape on the outside surface. This is where the “art” aspect comes in.

In the case of the clamshell light, we drill a hole completely through the geode, top to bottom, and then crack it into two equal halves. The halves are then held apart and equidistant to one another with pipe. For our pendant lights, by ascertaining where the heaviest clusters of crystals lie within, in conjunction with the geode’s shape, we determine where to drill a hole so that the light will hang gracefully.

* Every GeodeLight is built to exceed ETL and UL safety standards, with silver-plated electrical contacts that will withstand up to 400-degree wire temperatures.

* Every GeodeLight is safely tethered, and the tethers are pull-tested in manufacturing to withstand the weight of any GeodeLight.

• GeodeLights can be plugged in or installed into the electrical system of any home or business.

Each GeodeLight is then tagged with its own serial number, similar to other collectible works of art.

Not all of the geodes meet such rigorous standards. Those that don’t are sold as beautiful display geodes, the kind you’ll find in most rock shops.


GeodeLight Facts


* Each GeodeLight is unique and numbered as a collector’s item, the same as  man-made works of art.

* Geodes are formed over millions of years. Those containing amethyst crystals normally are made when lava cools and shrinks, forming cracks. Liquefied minerals then flow into these cracks, becoming crystallized as they cool. These amethyst geodes take amorphous and unique shapes.

Also, gas bubbles can form a hard shell in lava, and as the lava and gas cool, the gas dissolves, leaving behind an empty space. Eventually, a clay-like substance made up of silicates from volcanic ash seeps into the space and becomes crystallized.

Geodes also are created in hollow areas within soil. As water flows into these hollows, it deposits minerals. Over very long periods of time, these form an outer shell surrounding the crystals within.


* GeodeLights are lit internally by 3 to 6 watt LED bulbs to perfectly display the crystals’ opulent colors,

* The GeodeLight is carefully cut according to its shape, allowing it to cast its light on surfaces in fascinating, variegated patterns.

* The crystals in GeodeLights are either amethyst, quartz or calcite crystals, ranging in size from about 1/16” to about 1”. Each type of crystal has its own shape, color and properties.

– Amethyst crystals have long been treasured in Feng Shui and crystal mythology for their properties of purification and harmony. Six-sided, peaking in a pyramid shape, amethyst crystals range in color from deep purple to indigo and violet. These are some of Earth’s most beautiful creations.

-Quartz crystals can have 5 or 6 sides, and range in color from clear to various shades of yellow, and sometimes have been called the “manifestation of the Creator’s finest hour of expression.”
Calcite crystals can have 3-5 sides, can be white, clear or yellow, and have been associated in mythology with creativity, spirituality, wisdom and inner peace.


Styles of GeodeLights

These natural masterpieces are created in three basic styles, with infinite variations on each due to their natural shape and coloration:

Swag lights – 
These quartz GeodeLights are prewired with an on/off switch, and come with a transformer and 22 feet of cable that can be hung from a ceiling hook. Typically, they are around four inches in diameter.

 Pendant lights –

These are made up either of quartz, calcite or amethyst crystals, and each has a unique, amorphous shape. The light comes with either a standard 6-foot tether, or the tether can be custom made up to 15 feet.

Clamshell lights –
These stunning lights normally contain the largest calcite or rock quartz crystals. We cut flat geodes in half, separate and join the two halves again by pipe. The electrical wires are contained by the pipe, and exit through the top of the GeodeLight. Clamshell lights vary in size from about five inches to eight inches in diameter.