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The geodes, the basis of each lamp, are mined from one of the world’s largest geode beds in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.  Each geode holds from thousands to tens of thousand of individual crystals. Geodes are formed over millions of years.  Some geodes are formed when gas gets trapped in lava as it cools, forming bubbles or pockets in which the crystals grow. Other geodes are formed within hollow areas in soil or by soil surrounding substances that later disappear due to the deterioration of the trapped substance. In both cases over hundreds of millions of years, water seeps into the hollow areas to deposit minerals that form the outer shell and crystals inside.

  • Amethyst crystals have long been treasured in Feng Shui and crystal mythology for their properties of purification and harmony. Six-sided, peaking in a pyramid shape, it ranges in color from deep purple to indigo and violet. These crystals are some of Earth’s most beautiful creations.
  • Quartz crystals can have 5 or 6 sides, and range in color from clear to various shades of yellow, and sometimes have been called the “manifestation of the Creator’s finest hour of expression.”
  • Calcite crystals can have 3-5 sides, can be white, clear or yellow, and have been associated in mythology with creativity, spirituality, wisdom and inner peace.