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These natural masterpieces are created in three basic styles, with infinite variations on each due to their natural shape and coloration:

Swag lights
These quartz GeodeLights are prewired with an on/off switch, and come with a transformer and 22 feet of cable that can be hung from a ceiling hook. Typically, they are around four inches in diameter.

 Pendant lights

These are made up either of quartz, calcite or amethyst crystals, and each has a unique, amorphous shape. The light comes with either a standard 6-foot tether, or the tether can be custom made up to 15 feet.

Clamshell lights
These stunning lights normally contain the largest calcite or rock quartz crystals. We cut flat geodes in half, separate and join the two halves again by pipe. The electrical wires are contained by the pipe, and exit through the top of the GeodeLight. Clamshell lights vary in size from about five inches to eight inches in diameter.

Table Top

Make your own